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my name is alora. welcome to my blog space. i cannot guarantee that even half of what i post will make sense to the average human mind… but i hope that whatever does, or even if it doesn’t, you enjoy.

alright guys, i am going to introduce myself. hello. my name is alora, i am what one may classify as… geek? nerd? but also i fall in no distinct human category, socially. now that the surface stuff is out there, let’s go a bit deeper. everything i post is going to be vague, but also have more depth than most people are probably used to. i type in mostly lowercase letters because i read it softer in my head– as i would speak it. i am probably going to have periods of time during which i don’t say much– but even a sentence per blog is beauty if it reaches the right standards… my mental health is not the best… at one point i had allowed that to completely take over my life. obviously not intentionally. allowed is probably the wrong word. more i just surrendered to it. this is where i am now. if i wouldn’t have fought, or if i would have tried to fight solo against all my demons, i wouldn’t be here to do my part in the world. my part isn’t much, but it’s something. so.. all of you who are considering giving up… keep going.

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“i’ve got to find a way to make this feel okay when rock bottom for me is routine for someone else…”


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